Saturday, September 8, 2012


Some days I wake up....and I just feel fierce and strong.  Indyra is always a place that embodies that for me.  I have the Urban Angenda that has, until now, been my GO TO For fierce....but when I spotted Vicereine, I knew I had a new one.  The tight sleek lines of this ensamble is not only HAWT but very well done, with details that are subtle but a great addition to the simple RAWR!!

It has a combination of 8 looks with 3 gown options, 3 catsuit options, and 2 lingere options.  Gloves, hose, a cameo tucked into an antique is both feminine and....I am sorry..RAWR AGAIN! 

I don't care if your favorite color is pink and you don't feel complete without a big bow in your hair, every girl needs a Fierce outfit in their closet.  We all have a dark side, a little night personality and what better way to start exploring it...then donning a cat suit and prowling the night?

I don't know one.
Skin - NOYA - Simone/Sunkissed
Hair - Vanity - Jioni in Black
Jewelry - Amaelo Manga - Set Flapper Onyx
Boots - Sawode - Milla Boot in Black
Outfit - Indyra Originals Couture - Vicereine (Cat Suit Option)

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