Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ode To Fall....

So, today is the first offical day of fall, since yesterday was the last day of Summer, right?  Well....either or, I am ready for the fall months and that crisp feeling in the air.  I want all my windows open and all my leaves falling!

ODE TO FALL!!!  I know I blogged these pants before, but BOOM has a new color pack out and these matched pretty perfect to the new Top from Cracked Mirror.  I will be honest, I cannot get enough of these slacks.  I love how comfy they look and the shadows on them are pretty realistic. 
I don't go to Cracked Mirror often, but the plaid = fall....just saying and it's a super cute pairing if you ask me!! -grins-

If you know me, then you know I breed butterflies and my dear friend Finn found these adorable poses on MP for Free from Baffle!  I will take those, thank you!!! 

In the mood for can get this great MESH set on MP Here!!!!  I hope everyone has a great day!!! I am off to go make some butterflies DO IT!!!

Eyes - Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes in Sapphire
Hair - Dura - Boys & Girls No 27
Skins - WoW Skins - Basma w/Cleavage
Shape - Sibelle Ingmann - Krysta
Slacks - BOOM - Miami Linen Pants in Cocoa
Shirt - (CM) - Billow Top Mesh - Red/Yellow Plaid
Shoes - ANEXX - Loafer Pumps
Butterflies - Baffle! - MP FOR FREEEEEEE

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