Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ellegio For The Win!

Don't you just love when you snap a shot and someones eyes are closed?!  I don't know what was with my avi this morning, maybe she didn't get enough sleep, maybe she doesn't want to get to work cause it's Sunday, but four shots and she kept closing her eyes and I didn't feel like getting my anypose thingy out and....well..if she wants to look ridiculous...FINE!  LOL

I am always excited when Intrepid comes out with something new!  When I saw the Mesh Ellegio dress I was ...IT'S A PENCIL SKIRT!!!  It's one of my favorite styles of course and added with that cute ruffle sleeve on the sides....I just fell in love.  It's a perfect addition to my fall wardrobe and yes, I have started collecting!

I absolutely love the detail in the dress and had to snap a shot of the back so you could see that too.  If you haven't yet, you need to hop, skip, jump, fly, tp, something over to Intrepid and grab you one of these fancies!!  It comes in four colors, Colbalt, Red, Purple, and Chocolate....yum chocolate...
The earrings are from RookHold (I tol you I was gun have them in mah ears by end of week!) and there they are!  They come with a beautiful matching necklace that wouldn't show with the dress.  =sad face= Such is the sacrafices for MESH! 

Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes - Sapphire Night
Vive Nine - Poland Highlander -Bun in Brunne
Lipgloss - WoW Skins - Tessa Gloss in Red

Heels - Nardcotix - Varela Shoes in White
Dress - Intrepid - Ellegio in Colbalt
Earrings - RookHold - Morning Star
Briefcase - Agent - Briefcase in Silver

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