Monday, July 30, 2012


So this week is filled with lots and lots of things! Vanity Fair, the CHIC Vintage Fair! OMG I'ma die of events!  But today I wanted to share some pieces with you from RH Engel's RookHold Jewelry!

I am very very partial to the Magda, the ember set in gold just...-le sighs- I love the way it makes me think of a fire in the center of a's all about passion and it will be sitting on my neck come grand opening this week! 

Then there is Morning Star...lil jagged pieces of perfect stone set in a silver casing....that is reminiscent of a peacocks least to me.  I love the teal color, it is matched well with the silver. 

Don't worry fellas, there is plenty for you too!  Leather bands encased in silver and gold with an amber stone framed in wings.  Come on!  That's pure male rawr for you right there! 

So when you get a chance to go over after it opens, stop by and see what other goodies he has lining the walls!!!

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