Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Monroe

Recently, in my cleaning of inventory and none shopping, I found this dress.  I do not remember buying it, but I know where I got it.  A bit of sleep shopping this was, but a good buy!  Just goes to show, I can do a great job shopping in my sleep too!  I should be a professional shopper! 

In any case, I know why I bought it too!  The gowns from Amour Fashion have this...special flow that I rarely see in other gowns.  His designs are inexpensive and have a simple elegance I adore!  I hate a gown that has five hundred attachements and even then it still looks a little iffy.   The detail in the textures of the Monroe gown also make me wanna drool.  If you can get the textures right, why use a hundred billion attachements!? RIGHT!

Sometimes the best ones are the understated elegant ones.  This one fits the bill!

Monroe comes in six colors and the Plum is this months gift, so join the group, get the free gown, and you must check out the other ones, because they are all beautiful designs. There is gold, green, royal, plum, silver, and black.  Gotta have the black!

Ladies, at 99 Lindens, it cannot hurt to buy a few of the colors.  You could get ALL the colors and still not spend what you would at some stores! 

Eyes - Amacci - Sapphire Eyes
Hair - Armidi Hair - Symphony Twist in Midnight
Skin - LAQ - Susan
Shape - Sibele Ingmann - Krysta's Shape
Make-up - NOYA - Best Wishes Exotic Lashes + Lip Gloss

Shoes - HOC Industries - Noir Pumps
Dress - Amour Fashion - Monroe Gown - Green
Jewelry - Maxi Gossamer MG - Pearl Daisies in Black

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