Saturday, March 17, 2012


It's here finally!

I am so excited about this event.  The sim is stunning, the games are much, and the vendors are pretty neat.  The celebration is all about the first year of Papillon Breedable Butterflies and if you know me, you know this is how I make my linden that I can't spend!  But it's not even about that....I have never had or seen a breedable that garners as much love and commitment as these butterflies.  I will stop before I get emotional, but they are beautiful and lovingly crafted and bred.  If you don't do anything this month, do this Fair.  See this sim, and enjoy the Hunt, the Coin Game, the Trivia, and the 7Seas Fishing Event!!

Here is a sneak photo and a list of events! 

Stuff to do?  Go through the Maze!  Enter the Photo Contest!  Go to one of the parties!  Explore the gardens, forest, swamp, and hidden sky temple!  Shop in the market places!  Search for hidden items! Stop through for Game nigt and be a social butterfly!  Brush up on your knowledge for Trivia Nights! Come to a class about Papillon Butterflies!  Meet new people, make some friends, fall in love with a butterfly!

BPS Spring Fair
Celebrating “The Magic of Papillon”
March 17-25, 2012

Saturday, Mar. 17th
•    Kickoff 12PM SLT
•    Class Flutters 101 5PM SLT IN VOICE!!! (Krysta)
•    Trivia 7PM (FINN)
Sunday, Mar. 18th
•    Class 102 1PM– Need a Volunteer
•    Photo Voting Opens 3PM
•    Birthday party 5PM Best in Magic with DJ Kota
Monday, Mar. 19th
•    Class 103 on Monday at 5pm (Need a Volunteer)
Tuesday, Mar. 20th
•    Class 104 on Tuesday at 6pm (Need a Volunteer)
Wednesday, Mar. 21st
•    Flutters Auction @ 1PM in the Temple!
•    Game Night @ Temple Ruins!
Thursday, Mar. 22nd
•    7Seas Fishing Game! - Fish for a gift or two, or three...
Friday, Mar. 23rd
•    Class 101 5PM @ Temple Ruins - Need Volunteer
*     Trivia Night 7PM  With Finn!
Saturday, Mar. 24th
•    Photo voting ends
•    Class 102 12 PM - 5ynester Blackburn
•    Captain's Quarters Auction 1PM @ Temple Ruins
Sunday, Mar. 25th
•    Photo contest winners announced 
*   End of Fair Party with DJ Kota!

Weeklong events:
•    Photo voting
•    Hunt
*    Maze
•    Shopping
*    Coin Collection Game

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