Friday, May 13, 2011

Meethree, Meetwo, Me Loves...Meeroos

So this year, thanks to my dear friends Ky and Miguel, I was sucked into the world of breedables.  Now you all may turn up your nose, think its silly, even say...ITS JUST PRIMS...but I say....BOO!  After birthing my first horse, I was hooked.  I am, by no means, a professional breeder, but in the months since I have begun I have breed out traits on Amaretto Horses, BioBreed Dogs, KittyCats, Turtles, Fish, Lambs, Butterflies, and Fireflies....and I am, as so many are, anxiously awaiting my Meeroos.  Sure, I got into Beta, but thats just....horrible torture!  You get this little balls of prim with these adorable faces and noises and this uncanny desire to interact with your avi. "Pwease, pick me up...luvs me.." and what do you do?  You love them...and what happens in Beta?  They are taken from you!!! TAKEN!  -breathes- ......................

Okay okay, I am better now...-clears throat- my anxiousness to wait for these darling little creatures to finally be mine, I have decided to BLOG!

Heck, what else can I do?!  The creators are outstanding in the time and effort they have put into the creation of the Meeroos.  There is a complete history of them, a legend....these mythical creatures have a past and well they thrive on interaction.  So, of course, does the Meeroo owners.  It is not JUST a breedable animal.  These are pets who will endear you to them and will encourage you to interact with others.  Let me tell you how!

There is a hud and through this hud you can join a fellowship.  The hud is pretty easy to understand and it allows you to play the game no matter where you are in Second Life. You gain...points or 'regard' by petting your Meeroos, or petting your friends Meeroos, or by answering random questions from the Oracle through your hud.  Now, was your regard grows, things begin to happen!  You gain levels for yourself, your fellowship, and unlock cool things for your Meeroos.  What's won't just mate with anyone...oh no, these little beings are particular and well, breeding isn't going to be so easy. If your breeding, do it because you love it, not because you want money (although there is some of that floating around if you manage to get a COOL breedable pet). 

In all this...there is yet more advantages to the game.  Your fellowship.  This group of people in SL you may or may not know well, but you get to know them.  You amble over to their place, pet their it up some...and end up with a very very cool collection of friends and support for your Meeroo spots in the wide world of SL.

I have, personally, met two such people. Both are outstanding builders and both are part of the breeding world....I wanted to do a blog and talk about how excited I am about my Meeroos, but I am just as excited to make new friends and meet interesting sit back and meet these three lovely ladies and take a peek at their contributions to the wonderful world of Meeroos!

First, there is Beth Beaumont who, while the rest of the world focuses on Shabby Chic, has a gorgeous warm rustic look to her designs. It's perfect for the companionship of the Meeroos.  Some of her designs are below and you can check out more of them here at Dufliky Designs!  I have the little gazebo too...pictured below!

That's Beth...go on, grin...cause I did.

This is one of our fellowship gifts she shared...I love it...-sighs- I love a lot of things.

These are Beth's lil Beta Meeroos...and the inside of her Gazebo...see what I mean, rustically comfortable!!

Next is Eidolon Sideshow who does designs specifically for Meeroo living areas.  I got a chance to skip over and look at some as well as have one for my own.  I LOVE IT! It offers the cutest area for shade for the Meeroos.  The Main Picture up there is one of her designs I have tucked away on my land.  Fabulousu!

She ish a fairy....btw.

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